Esbit 1100ML Solid Fuel Stove & Cook Set



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With the introduction of our largest, 27g fuel tabs, the new 1100ml Solid Fuel Stove and Cookset was only logical. Weighing in at just 180g (pot, stove and fuel), this featherweight system is ultra-compact too. The graduated pot easily fits the stove, with plenty of room for utensils, extra fuel and more. For two people traveling light with boil-only needs, this cookset is hard to beat.

Dangerous Good – an additional shipping charge may apply to this item.

• 1.1L capacity is suitable for 1-2 people
• Ultralight yet tough, hard anodized aluminum
• Folding, stainless-steel pot handles
• Graduated cookpot (oz. and ml)
• Stove works with (1) 27g tab or (2) 14g tabs
• Includes: Lid, pot, stove and mesh carry bag


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