Morakniv Pro (S) Knife



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This is a new generation of professional knives, made in Mora. An ergonomic handle made of TPE rubber provides optimum grip friction. The coil-formed rounding of the handle is comfortable to hold. The knife has a slightly larger blade, which can withstand higher loads and is made of knife steel which is also hardened in Mora, according to a secret recipe. The blade is carefully selected stainless steel that stays sharp for a long time and is the best choice when working in an outdoor environment.

• Knife with a 2.0 mm thick Swedish stainless steel blade that can withstand higher loads and maintains its sharpness longer
• Impact-resistant and ergonomic handle of TPE provides a comfortable and optimum grip
• Finger guard optimizes safety
• Combi-sheath allows ` connection of two knives within the Craft category


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