Esbit Medium Pocket Stove & Windscreen With Solid Fuel Tabs 2PC X 27G



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Delivers classic, solid-fuel performance in a size that can handle a broad range of cups and pots on any minimalist adventure. Made of rugged, electrolytically galvanized steel to handle heavier loads. Accommodates our largest, 27g solid fuel tabs for maximum heat output, but also works with two, 14g tabs. It features two positions for controlling heat and an included windscreen for added efficiency.

Dangerous Good – an additional shipping charge may apply to this item.

• Robust build; sized to accommodate a range of cups & pots
• Compact, folding design sets up in seconds;
• Fuel tablets store in stove
• Boils 500ml of water in approx. 5 minutes
• Added heat control with 2 cooking positions
• Includes (2), 27-gram solid fuel tablets, each with 12min burn time
• Shelf-stable for 10+ years


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