Dewalt DW 25FT Measuring Tape



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This 25 ft. premium is ideal for heavy-duty framing and other construction measuring tasks. This tape has been put to the test and features a reinforced housing and cast metal impact plate to absorb shock when dropped. It also includes extensive rubber over-molding for improved grip.

  • Extended Reach: Measure up to 17 ft.* without assistance
  • Ultra-Tough Housing: keeps the tape secure and able to survive drops up 100 ft.
  • Easily Clings to Metal: Removable magnet simplifies the measurement process
  • Measure from any Angle: with versatile, double-sided blade printing
  • Added Protection Near Hook: 6 in. of Rip-Shield™ blade coating increases product life
  • Long-term Use: Durable blade coating ensures tool longevity
  • Secure Grip & Optimized Control: with contoured case design


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