18” Titanium Bonded Machete



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The Camillus CARNIVORE X 18″ Titanium Bonded Machete a multi-purpose machete designed to cut, dig, saw, chisel, and gut for all your needs. The 12″ blade is also Titanium Bonded, making it up to 3x harder than untreated steel and ensuring that your blade stays sharper for longer. Included with the Carnivore X is a Ballistic Nylon sheath, and a removable trimming knife with its own nylon sheath. The versatility of the CARNIVORE X is seconded only by its fellow Camillus products, and it is the perfect machete for hunting, camping, hiking, and exploring.

  • Blade Treatment: Titanium Bonded
  • Blade Colour: Silver
  • Blade Length: 12”
  • Overall Length: 18”
  • Full Tang Fixed Blade


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